Five beaches to go with dogs

Five beaches to go with dogs

Many people travel with their pets, which are undoubtedly a part of the family, so we want to show 5 beach destinations adapted to visit with dogs and in which you can enjoy the sea together.

All the beaches that we will show you have services for dogs: showers, special umbrellas, delimited spaces, training parks, and many other comforts for our pets.

Although in the great majority of the Spanish coasts we can see some that another dog in different hours of the day (normally in the afternoon, to avoid problems with the bathers) those that we will show you are delimited specially for them and it will not be seen like a “clandestine” stroll but like a normalized act to any hour.

Before showing you the beaches remember that ALL masters must follow the established rules, the culprit is not the dog. We must collect their excrement, bring the vaccination record to the day, if it is a dog of race potentially “dangerous” must be tied and muzzled, but above all care and enjoy it in a medium that is not the usual as is the sea. Without further ado here are the destinations:

La Rubina beach in Girona: Located in Empuriabrava was the first official beach for dogs in Spain, with a gentle swell and the typical coarse sand of the Costa Brava, will make it easier to wash and return home.

It currently has showers, litter bins and restaurants near the beach. In addition, every day there is a cleaning service that covers the entire canine perimeter. Due to the high demand of tourists with animals, in this area you can find different hotels and places where you can stay that accept pets and enjoy family vacations without any problem or restriction.

Undoubtedly one of the best options for tourism in Catalonia with animals. Near the beach you can find long mountain paths where you can walk with your best friend and have a different walk with beautiful views of the sea.

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Petfriendly beach in Bayas de Castrillón: If you are going to travel to the north of Spain with your pet, in Asturias you will find this spectacular and enormous beach to enjoy watching your dog run through the sand and ending up as a battered croquette.

It is the perfect combination of beach and mountain that allows endless possibilities for your days of rest. It is currently equipped with wooden beacons, showers and washbasins, so it is well delimited and well cared for.

The area reserved for dogs is in the westernmost part, where weather permitting, they can enjoy long walks and moderate swells, although it must be remembered that the Cantabrian Sea is usually more active than the Mediterranean Sea, so dogs must be watched over to avoid dangerous situations.

In this beach it is not allowed that the animals go loose for that reason we must always take them with the put strap, although we tempt us to release them, a solution can be an extensible strap.

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Beach to go with dogs in Agua Amarga de Alicante: With an extension of more than 250 meters specially bounded for our pets, this beach is possibly one of the best equipped in Spain, so we can enjoy the sea with our dogs without worries.

We highlight the hooks for the straps, adapted umbrellas and original platforms where you can feed and drink our pets with disposable containers, but the best thing is undoubtedly that this beach has a food and drink shop for pets and their owners, a beach bar for dogs and humans.

In Agua Amarga it is allowed to leave the animals without a leash and thus fully enjoy our faithful friends. It is located far from the town so if a dog is further away than normal will not be directly with cars or some dangerous obstacle.

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Beach adapted to dogs, La Maza in Sant Vicente de la Barquera: Located in a beautiful Cantabrian municipality bathed by the Oñambre estuary we find this small and beautiful beach adapted for dogs. A soft sand and a calm swell makes this a perfect option to travel with your dog.

Cantabria also offers many accommodations that allow animal companionship so it will not be a problem to travel with them. Furthermore, in San Vicente de la Barquera they plan to progressively equip this beach with different comforts for pets as in the beach of Agua Amarga in Alicante.

Keep in mind that this beach is specially adapted for dogs during the bathing seasons, but the rest of the year you can go with your pet to any other beach in the municipality and enjoy without trouble bothering anyone.

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Torre del mar the great beach for dogs in Malaga: Near the mouth of the River Velez is this huge and exclusive beach for dogs, with more than 4 thousand square meters of amenities and spaces equipped for dogs. In the Torre del Mar we can find fountains for pets, pee can and playground for animals.

In this stretch of beach is prohibited the bath to people, reason why only the animals will be able to enter to the water avoiding problems with possible bathers. It has a soft sand and a loose swell so it is perfect for enjoying a good holiday with the whole family.

It consists of several informative posters with the rules that should follow the beach users so if we want to continue enjoying these spaces we must follow to the letter. The dogs can be left free while they are controlled and do not bother the other users, although the potentially “dangerous” dogs should go with muzzle and leash.

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After looking at these options, we hope that travelling with pets will cease to be an impediment and that you will enjoy your holidays with total freedom and fun.