Canine hairdressing aesthetics and health for your dog

Canine hairdressing aesthetics and health for your dog

In today’s society the profession of canine hairdresser has become indispensable. Pet owners try to offer all kinds of care, both health and aesthetic.

Nowadays, veterinary centres no longer offer only veterinary services as such. In fact it is difficult to find one that does not also have aesthetic services. For this reason it is essential that if you want to dedicate yourself professionally to the canine hairdresser you know each race and the techniques to apply the techniques of cut and wash adapted for each type of skin.

Beyond the attention to private pet owners, it is also worth mentioning the increase in beauty contests and exhibitions, which expands the possibilities of employment for this type of profession.

The importance of canine hairdressing

Taking care of your pet’s health

Among the responsibilities an owner has with his pet is to take care of his health, food and hygiene. Canine hairdressers are professionals specialized in hygiene and aesthetics that aim to preserve the health of pets.

It is not only a question of fulfilling an aesthetic function, but of taking care of the hygiene in the most optimal way possible to offer you better care and improve your quality of life. In canine aesthetics not only improves the physical appearance of the animal, but there are also certain medical reasons.

For example, in the breed of some dogs and cats this intrinsic long hair, but this can also lead to problems for pets, such as those whose fur covers their eyes.

Avoid possible abnormalities in the dog

A hairdresser is not only in charge of combing and cutting the hair, but also of inspecting the health of the animal. When a professional does a bath to the animal not only asea, but makes a thorough inspection that could warn us in time of any health problem that may carry the animal and that we have not seen with the naked eye.

In the hairdresser’s you will have a deep bath that will help to detect possible parasites and infections. It can also help us to avoid possible hearing problems. The hairdresser will clean the pet’s ears, which can prevent infections and more serious health problems. The same goes for dentures.

Functions of the canine hairdresser

The aim is to improve the dog’s hygiene and appearance, so its main functions are combing, cleaning, cutting and brushing. Although they also perform tasks of nail cutting, cleaning the ear canal, the application of treatments to improve the coat and even extract possible external parasites.

Professionals choose the right shampoo and haircut, perform anti-flea treatments, pedicure, skin treatments, moisturize and can even perform relaxation massages. All these services are necessary for the health of the pet.

The first step of the canine hairdresser is the brushing. Through this, it is able to eliminate impurities, control excess dead hair and regenerate the new. Subsequently, it would pass to the bath, which besides the cleaning can alleviate the anxiety of the pet, as well as to reactivate its circulation.

What knowledge do you need to be a canine hairdresser?

The hairdresser knows how to inspect the skin, hair, nails, eyes, ears and intimate parts of animals, taking care of their cleanliness, health and beauty. For this reason, it is important to have a professional with knowledge of canine and feline anatomy, as well as of conduct and manipulation of the dog and cat.

The hairdresser must be trained to know the hair and skin of each type of dog and cat, as well as the tools for hairstyle, cutting, safety, contact and handling. In this line, you should know the treatments of each coat, the problems of each skin type, as well as allergic dermatosis and alterations that can be found in some dog breeds.

In addition, you should know all types of cuts: the cuts with a razor, the craft technique of cutting with scissors and shearing machines, taking into account the specific cuts in some breeds.

Benefits of canine hairdressing

Animal Health Benefits

As we have mentioned, hairdressing is of paramount importance to animals for several reasons:

  • Cleaning the ears avoids possible infections
  • Toothbrushing prevents disease and prevents tartar build-up
  • The bath reduces hair loss and keeps the skin healthy and shiny.
  • Nail trimming ensures clean legs and prevents infections and possible injuries.
  • Keeping the animal’s intimate areas clean prevents possible irritations

Advantages of going to the hairdresser

And although the cleaning of the animal can be done by the owners themselves, professionals can do it in more detail, advising and using the right products depending on the breed, size, age and activity of the animal. Therefore, we mention three reasons why it is important to go to the professional from time to time:

  • Cleaning is much more rigorous, using products and tools specific to the breed and skin.
  • The space is conditioned for the animal
  • The pet will be in expert hands, which will facilitate the task.